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With our reporting dashboard, your metrics have never been easier to obtain and understand. We leverage Google Data Studio to build amazing reports that are pulling data and combining them into 1 location so clients can see all your marketing efforts in one spot. With our simple and cost effective reporting solution this is the reporting solution you have been looking for. When you can quickly and effectively see the stats of your current marketing campaign, the performance, and current metrics at a tap, everybody wins.

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Monthly Reporting

Showing you what others don’t — a real ROI. You can instantly view real-time data that shows which marketing campaigns are driving positive results, and which ones are losing money.

Giving you the power to double down on the marketing initiatives that are driving revenue and to adjust or halt the less effective tactics.

Marketing by math works because you know you’re spending marketing dollars on things that will bring those dollars—and more—back.




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2)  One of our team members will reach out to you and setup consultation to answer any questions you have and to make sure the services you have selected are the right fit.

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  • Day-1 – Onboarding call (Please note that your billing date & onboarding date are usually 2-3 days different)
  • Day-5 – Setup tasks complete & campaign tasks begin 
  • Day-15 – about ½ of our task work is done by this time for the month 
  • Day-30 – Our work is just about complete for this monthly cycle 
  • Day-35 – Monthly report is sent over & call to review is offered