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Website Edits

Can figure out how to add or update something on your website? This is the right spot for you! eTegrity Digital development team can help assist you with any pre-existing pages for quick edits. Reach out to the team first to see how many edits you’ll need to purchase for your request.

Updating Content
Uploading Photos
Reformatting Pages
Updating Inventory
Changing Small Elements




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What happens when I am ready to move forward?

We are so glad you asked! 🙂

1) Once you have decided what services you would like, fill out the form below and select all services that you interested in.

2)  One of our team members will reach out to you and setup consultation to answer any questions you have and to make sure the services you have selected are the right fit.

3) You will then receive an invoice, terms and conditions and the necessary intake forms for your onboarding call.


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Setup Timeline

  • Day-1 – Onboarding call (Please note that your billing date & onboarding date are usually 2-3 days different)
  • Day-5 – Setup tasks complete & campaign tasks begin 
  • Day-15 – about ½ of our task work is done by this time for the month 
  • Day-30 – Our work is just about complete for this monthly cycle 
  • Day-35 – Monthly report is sent over & call to review is offered