How Can You Claim Your GMB Listing?

How Can You Claim Your GMB Listing?

Implementing Google Business Profile for your company is a great way to get started in digital marketing. Almost all people (97%) go to search engines to learn more about local companies. What happens if you don’t see your claimed GBP listing? This might be because your business has not been claimed or that it’s been claimed by someone else. Keep reading to learn how to claim or reclaim your GBP listing.

Start Your GBP Listing

To set up a new listing, sign in to your business account with Google and select “Manage Now.” You can then add information about your business like operating hours, location, and a phone number. You will be asked to confirm that you are the owner of the business through email or phone number. After that, you can add and edit information through your GBP account. A digital marketing company can assist in choosing what to publish about your business.

Claim an Existing Listing

If there is already an unclaimed listing for your business on Google, you can correct that. By clicking on “Own this business?” after searching for your business, you will be able to manage the listing. Follow the same verification steps above. Once the listing is claimed you will be able to edit information about the business in your GBP account. Keep track of your business to make sure the claim is not disputed.

Reclaim Your Business

You may click “Own this business?” and find that it is already claimed by someone else. This can happen when an employee has claimed the business for you or if someone outside the business has mistakenly claimed it. Ask your employees or family members to transfer the ownership through your Google Business Profile account. If this is not the case, click on ‘Request ownership’ to reclaim the listing. The owner might grant you access and you will be able to change owners yourself. If not, you will be contacted through the mail with a pin number to reset the ownership.

Having ownership of your Google listing will allow you to post the correct information about your business. Gain potential clients and customers using GBP with digital marketing companies. This is a great first step to implementing SEO and other digital marketing practices.

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