What to Post Weekly for GBP

What to Post Weekly for GBP

Google Business Profile (GBP) acts as a social media feed for your company and it should be treated as such. Just like other social media sites, posting a significant amount of content is what promotes your engagement. Our Tucson web hosting company will provide this service to curate the right posts and target your demographic. Here’s some info on what you should be posting weekly on your GBP.

Clear, Readable Content

GBP posts should be clear and readable. Your audience is likely seeking out whatever service or information you provide, and want to get straight to the point. A majority (84%) of active media users are U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 29. Targeting these users can gain more traction for your posts. GBP posts have a 1,500-word limit, and only the first seven or so words are shown above the fold. A proficient Tucson web hosting company will make sure the information you provide gets out there.

Relevant Images and Captions

All GBP posts should include an image and a caption. Provide information about what you are promoting on each specific post. You will want to include any live events that are being hosted with start and end times for each. Offers and products with their deadlines included are another important part of the posting. This is how you grow your client base through GBP. The images and videos chosen for posting should be professional and represent your company well. Showcase your best work for potential new clients. You will also want to utilize the Call to Action (CTA) options that Google provides. These give you the option to link outside the post and can gain more traffic for your own website.

Mobile-Friendly Formatting

When publishing, make sure to view your post on desktop and mobile view. Clicking the preview button is the last way to double-check your content before a post goes out. Sometimes certain posts will be sized incorrectly. Make sure to edit them to optimize the viewing experience of the consumer.

While it is important to post frequently, the quality of your posts should match that. Consumers are drawn to quality content that is targeted for them. It is also important to respond to reviews in order to keep up with community engagement. Keep posting well and frequently, and you will see results from Google Business Profile.

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