Why Social Media Consistency Matters

Why Social Media Consistency Matters

Understanding social media can feel daunting, and if you are in that boat, you should be hiring social media services. Their processes will help you grow and maintain a social media presence for your business. You may be wondering why this matters, or why you should maintain a steady social media posting (SMP) strategy. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to with consistent SMP.

Creating a Voice

A digital marketing company that creates your social media posts will be sure to create a tone of voice consistent across your brand. You should discuss your target audience including age, geographic location, interests, and gender to narrow your field. This will help you and your SMP servicer to understand who you are speaking to and how to best do that.

Having online consistency will create the brand recognition that you need for the approximate 48% of the world’s population that utilizes social media. It’s the same as a friend or family member recognizing your voice over the phone. This will build your audience online, and ensure that they stay loyal to your products or services. Communicate your values and vision with your social media service to create the most consistent voice for your business.

Timing Your Posts

Most social media posting services will have automated and scheduled posting. But why do they do that? This is to ensure that there is a balance with your posts. Overloading your audience with similar content can become irritating and turn customers away. A good SMP system will create a timeline that your clients and new clients will react to and engage with positively.

Once there is a set schedule your followers will know what to expect. Keep to the schedule with customized content for your business. Consumers respond well to daily posting, which is the best way to grow online following over time. Each business works differently and your SMP services will work with you to find out the best times to post on each platform.

These are two of the main benefits of consistency with social media efforts. The platforms at eTegrity Digital use these tactics in SMP packages to help grow your business. Contact us today to ask about which program is right for you.

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