Why should your business post regularly on Google My Business?

Why should your business post regularly on Google My Business?

Why should your business post regularly on Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) allows businesses to create a curated profile with essential business features. From the GMB profile, businesses can share updates on what’s new, respond to customer reviews, add photos and videos to build awareness.

Google My Business page (GMB) posting is free SEO and visibility. The free service allows businesses to post content that helps their local SEO efforts, including offers and discounts. It also allows customers to leave reviews and ratings to give firsthand accounts of working with you. However, posts must be updated regularly to benefit the most from the Google algorithm.

Sounds like another social media platform, right? So why should you leverage Google My Business page posts when you already nailed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.? Here’s why;

Free SEO

People will google it and find you. Your GMB page will appear for local searches on Google Search and Google Maps, and potential customers will get a chance to find more information and locate your store. Having the largest number of search queries, customers are more likely to pick the option that makes their purchase decision easier. New posts to your GMB listing with targeted keyword selection enhances visibility and build your location authority. A higher authority gets you in the good graces of Google and gives you a higher ranking on searches hence more traffic. GMB posts strengthen local SEO and have you rank higher for local keywords.

A personal touch

GMB posts are a great way to show off your business to customers further along in their purchasing decision. Making a convincing first impression for searchers through your listed info can improve conversions. GMB posts also include CTA buttons and the option to tailor your audience experience with videos and photos of what they are searching for. Regular GMB posts with compelling content and excellent keyword optimization make it easier for prospects to engage and reference information personal to your business. You can add content that helps you connect with customers and even like your site pages to drive more traffic.

Direct customer engagement

GMB interface allows you to engage directly with customers through the message features. GMB gives prospective customers a social feed of posts related to their followed businesses. Google My Business listings provide questions and answers to give users a chance to give answers or ask questions about the product or service. As a business owner, you can answer the questions directly from the listing and impress the customers while at it. You also get notifications for questions to keep you ready to answer later on.

Bragging rights

GMB posts help you highlight and promote your products and services to customers. Better performing posts get you additional and free real estate. Appearing higher in the local search area and Google Maps results builds brand awareness and affinity. Combined with raving positive reviews, your business gets social credibility and information that converts searchers into clients. The Google algorithm favors the popular businesses, less-easier to appear first and get direct traffic.

All the GMB help you can need

eTegrity Digital is a digital marketing agency in Tucson, Arizona, and the surrounding areas. We offer a custom-tailored GMB optimization package called GMB Lite to refine and grow your GMB profile. This affordable service will kickstart and propel your SEO to grow your business visibility. The GMB Lite option is everyone’s favorite; it improves your existing SEO strategy and adds other strategies like Google GMB & Q&A, Citation Building, Project Management Tracker, Keyword Tracking, and Google My Business page posting.

The Brand Awareness Package creates a formidable online presence for your business and magnifies your brand’s personality. We offer Social Posting packages with options like Brand Awareness, Visibility & Growth, or Thought Leadership.  You can also include other package deals that incorporate Google posts like the Brand Awareness Package, Local SEO Package, and Lead Generation Package, among other A La Carte services.  Contact eTegrity Digital today to find out more!

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